When Your World Turns Upside Down, We’re Here to Help

A rollover accident is a terrifying experience. The disorientation, the potential for injury, and the immediate disruption to your life can leave you feeling overwhelmed. In the heart of Detroit, where traffic can be unpredictable, it’s crucial to know who to call when you need roll over recovery services. Boulevard Trumbull Tow is your trusted partner, offering swift and reliable assistance 24/7.

Why Choose Boulevard Trumbull Tow for Rollover Recovery in Detroit?

The Importance of Professional Rollover Recovery

Attempting to recover a rolled-over vehicle yourself can be dangerous. The instability of the vehicle, potential fuel leaks, and the risk of further damage necessitate professional intervention. Boulevard Trumbull Tow prioritizes safety, ensuring your vehicle is handled with the utmost care.

What to Do After a Rollover Accident:

  1. Check for Injuries: Your safety and the safety of your passengers are paramount. Assess for injuries and call emergency services if needed.
  2. Move to Safety: If possible, move away from the vehicle to a safe location.
  3. Call Boulevard Trumbull Tow: Our dispatchers will gather essential information and immediately send a team to your aid.
  4. Stay Calm: We’ll handle the recovery process efficiently and keep you informed every step of the way.


Rollover accidents are never planned, but you can be prepared. Boulevard Trumbull Tow is Detroit’s lifeline for rollover recovery services. When your world turns upside down, trust us to get you back on track.